August 8, 2018

Podcast Parade!

Here's a quick post to remind you of all the things that you can lean back and watch/listen to.

Hero Club: Adversary

Hero Club's third season, Adversary is in full swing, and it's shaping up to be their best season yet. They've got a real talent for constructing parties of captivating characters and packaging it in one of the most slickly-produced podcasts out there. (And holy cow, the Devil in that first episode was seriously amazing, as was the foul-mouthed gunslinger, the Gentleman) Best yet, they're using our Weird West Update! Episode 2 is out now, go give it a listen!

Listen here!

DnD Character Labs Podcast

Also, we were in an episode of DnD Character Labs Podcast! (Or specifically Mike, the Finger, was, and he had a blast!) If you don't know about this podcast, they do something we all love doing: building characters we'll definitely never play, making them as strong or silly as possible, then arguing about whether it's a good build or not. Check out the new episode Space Dicks, where we build characters from Dark Matter and argue about them!

Listen here!

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

Mike and Ben talk about how to build a compelling campaign setting in the newest Rocks Fall Everyone Dies. (This one landed a few days ago, but it hasn't yet gotten a mention here.) And, as you can expect, we ramble for a bit about our Kickstarter for Dark Matter. (PLEDGE NOW PLS)


  1. Solid advice. I should add that the campaign needs that hook not only for players to get interested, but for the DM to get inspired when prepping new content for the adventure. I usually spend a few months gathering inspiration and adding potential twists to the main plot before starting, then watch where the players take the first few sessions before making more. And if the party solves the problem too quickly, have another arise from their solution. "Yeah, you killed the vampire masquerading as the king because your character noticed his unusually pale skin, but now the city has no leader and there's a surprise army outside. Turns out the _____ were plotting against you all along. To the gates!"

    1. Sometimes there's no replacement for planning world details over the course of months.