November 15, 2018

Dark Matter Alpha

Dark Matter is finally in alpha!

The current version of the book is 267 pages long, and it's hard to express how much content there is. We really pack in all the sci-fi goodness. Not only is it fully-playable, there's enough in here to keep you busy for at least a few campaigns. You've probably heard us talk at length about what's in the book, but now it's time to see for yourself! Just for fun, if you make a character you're really excited to play, leave us a comment letting us know what build you went with.

You can get into Dark Matter early right now on the Mage Hand Press store.

The vast majority of the book's (gorgeous) art is finished. In those few (read: three) places that are outright missing art, you'll see a friendly little sticky note letting you know. As we keep working on the book, we'll be adding to those stretch goals, adding in character names and planets named by patrons, and developing those mostly empty quote boxes into a story all their own. Of course, we'll update the book with changes, fixes, and new art as often as we can (and you'll be able to download the updated versions as they come out).

Download Now!

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    Baby world turtle is amazing. Their creator may be gone, but the world turtles are indeed immortal.
    Lots of other amazing things as well, can't wait to dig in again to see what's up in the 'verse.