November 20, 2018

Demigod Feats

Comments from the Finger: Full disclosure: this one is the Palm's creation; I merely touched it up and sanded off some rough edges. But here it is! A feat chain to make your very own Hercules or Kratos stand-in.

Demigod Feats

Though the gods of Mt. Olympus are infamous for their half-god progeny, the avatar of any god can bear children on the mortal plane. Their descendants are demigods -- neither celestials, nor gods, nor mortals -- possess incredible godly potential. Such demigods can become mighty, near-indestructible heroes, legendary archers with uncanny aim, or genius mages with unbound arcane power.

Demigods are the product of a union between a god or goddess and a mortal. While mortal, demigods are bestowed with unnatural grace, beauty, strength, or other trait granted by their parentage. Sometimes, these powers are inherent in a demigod from infancy, but often they don’t begin to manifest until adolescence.
     You can choose this feat as a Near-Human feat.
     As a demigod, you have the following racial traits:
  • Select one of your ability scores; this is your Mythic ability score.  Increase this ability score and its maximum by 1.
  • With great exertion, you can perform a mythical feat of strength or skill. You gain a single Mythic Die, which is a d8. Whenever you make an ability check, saving throw, attack roll, or damage roll you can roll this die and add the results to the roll. You can do so after you make your d20 roll, but before you know if it succeeds or not. You regain one expended Mythic Die when you finish a short rest and all expended Mythic Dice when you finish a long rest.

Heroic Mantle
Prerequisite: 4th level, Demigod feat
You have lept into your role as a demigod with gusto, seeking out adventure and using your power to bring ruin upon your foes. You gain the following abilities:
  • Increase your Mythic ability score and its maximum by 1.
  • You gain an additional Mythic Die. When you add your Mythic Dice to an ability check, saving throw, attack roll, or damage roll, you can choose to roll as many of them as your have available, adding all dice to the results of the check.
  • While you have at least one unspent Mythic Die remaining, you have a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws.

Champion of the Gods
Prerequisite: 8th level, Heroic Mantle feat
Your prowess in battle and skill at arms is unmatched. You gain the following abilities:
  • Increase your Mythic ability score and its maximum by 1.
  • You gain an additional Mythic Die.
  • You can spend one of your Mythic Dice to gain a Fighting Style until you take a long rest. You cannot select a single fighting style more than once.
  • When you are hit by an attack, you can use your reaction to spend one Mythic Die, adding the results of the roll to your AC, potentially causing the attack to miss.

Will of the Gods
Prerequisite: 8th level, Heroic Mantle feat, Spellcasting or Pact Magic feature
Your willpower and wisdom are unmatched in the mortal realm. You gain the following benefits:
  • Increase your Mythic ability score and its maximum by 1.
  • You gain an additional Mythic Die.
  • You can spend one or more of your Mythic Dice to cast a spell you know, spending one die per level of the spell being cast.
  • When you cast a spell which forces one or more creatures to make a saving throw, you can expend a Mythic Die, subtracting the result from one creature's saving throw.

Legendary Hero
Prerequisite: 15th level, Will of the Gods or Champion of the Gods feat
Your adventures and triumphs have thrust you into the realm of legend, making you a hero stories are told about. You gain the following abilities:
  • Increase your Mythic ability score and its maximum by 1.
  • You gain an additional Mythic Die.
  • Once per round, at the end of another creature’s turn, you can spend one of your Mythic Dice to take a Legendary Action. This action can be used to take the Attack action (one attack only), to cast a cantrip, or to move up to your movement speed.

Immortal Paragon
Prerequisite: 19th level, Legendary Hero feat
You ascend to become the pinnacle of your kind, becoming the very embodiment of your mythic ideals.
  • Increase your Mythic ability score and its maximum by 1.
  • You gain an additional Mythic Die. 
  • You no longer age, cannot die from old age, and do not require food, water or air to survive.
  • At the start of each of your turns, you regain hit points equal to the number of unspent Mythic dice you have remaining if you have no more than half of your hit points left. You don't gain this benefit if you have 0 hit points. 

Changelog: 11/20/18: Demigod: Regain one die when you take a short rest and all dice when you take a long rest.
4th level feat named Heroic Mantle
Heroic Mantle: Passive ability changed to +1 to AC and saving throws
Will of the Gods: Saving throw buff changed to a one-target saving throw penalty
Immortal Paragon: Healing only when under half HP


  1. Are there supposed to be two feats named legendary hero?

    1. That's a copy-paste mistake. I'll fix that ASAP

  2. Most of these are absurdly, blatantly, unfairly overpowered.
    And that is without even including that getting a higher AS cap is almost by definition OP in 5e.

    Demigod is ok. Strong, but ok.

    Legendary hero gives practically permanent advantage on a saving throw (you'd only spend the last die if you're sure you've no need of it). Also, it's way better for classes where the main ability is a useful save (any dex or wis based class, and str to some extent) and neglects classes based on int or cha.

    Champion is only borderline overpowered, but Will is freaking insane.
    Adding 1d8 to the saving throw of a blindness or hold person on multiple target, for almost no cost?! In an edition where non-warlocks have practically no way to get even a +1 to the save DCs, except very rare+ items?
    If this were only for 1 target spells AND only on the first save it would've been ok. Barely.

    I get the point of legendary hero II, as giveing you "legendary actions". However, it really hurts the flow of combat, in addition to completely demolishing the action economy which is the most important balancing factor of 5e.
    You could just take 4 extra actions in the first round of combat. And if you're an assassin rogue many of these attack will have advantage, and even include sneak attack (it's 1/turn, and you make each attack in a different creature's turn).

    As for Immortal Paragon, usually at 19th level overpowered effects barely matter. This one full-heals you between battles, and at 19th levela group can take down ANY enemy, and is only challenged by needing to spend many resources on many things in one day, so this feat kinda breaks the only thing that's still a challenge at that point.

    Overall, I think the idea behind is great, original and could be fun, but the feats themselves are waaaay too gamebreaking. It's not even that they're better than any other feat you might consider to take- they're way beyond that point.

    1. Have you read the stories of Heracles? It might be intentional!

    2. I believe that the intent would be to only run this feat chain in a game where all players are using these feats.

      That said, there were a few differences in the original draft that I felt balanced this a bit better for normal play.

      1. Until you got the 19th level feat, expending your last Mythic die gave you a level of exhaustion.

      2. The feats did not boots your chosen ability SCORE, only the maximum, and you were granted a large boost (+6) to that ability score when you took the 19th level feat. Eventually, you'd be a paragon of that stat, but it made you make the choice of "Stats now, or stats WAY later"

      3. The Advantage on saving throws wasn't there. That's a bit much, and pushes people to take Dex, Wis, or Con.

      Immortal Paragon should have a "half max HP" line in it like the Champion fighter ability.

    3. Actually its written that it both increases the score and its score.

    4. As the Palm said, these versions were in the original draft rather than in the version that was posted here.

    5. I'll tackle these in order:

      Demigod: One thing I could change is making the mythic dice regain on a long rest. I figured that this would generally make the feat chain seem really weak, since it would take you a long time to gain a reasonable number of feats. Perhaps the solution here is to make them recover with a long rest, but one die recovers each time you take a short rest? Let me know what you think.

      Heroic Mantle (4th level): I'm looking for a replacement on the passive ability here. The goal is to give you a passive benefit that goes away when you use your last mythic die. The intent is to give you a soft punishment for spending all your dice. If the effect is too weak, people won't miss it when it's gone. I was considering a passive +1 to AC while you have dice remaining, but I decided that might create some troubling high AC builds. Feel free to throw out suggestions.

      Will of the Gods: Yeah, I'm not happy with this one either. It needs some sort of dice expenditure to be on par with Champion, but I didn't have an easy time finding one; I left this in as a placeholder.

      Legendary Hero: You're misunderstanding this Idan; you can only use a Legendary Action once per round.

      Immortal Paragon: I'm half with you here (and I think limiting the healing to when you're under half max HP is called for here), but at 19th level, after taking at least 5 feats in a chain to get there, I think crazy powerful is in order.

    6. I didn't even realize the dice go back on short rests- I assumed long. It hardly matters though, short rests are pretty rare unfortunately.

      Heroic Mantle: Could be +1 on all saves. Or just advantage on all checks of the chosen ability, although that leaves out Con.

      Will: If you could reduce one creature's save by a roll of the die it wouldn't be too insane (equivalent to raising the DC on that one save only). Or maybe could be used to cast a spell one level higher.

      Legendary Hero: Right, I misread. I still think maybe it should take your reaction (and maybe add your die roll to speed or damage or something of the action you take).

      Immortal: Up to 50% hp is enough to balance this. Or maybe gain temp hp each round equal to the dice, so it works at any hp but doesn't stack.

  3. I really feel like Immortal paragon should increase the score by 2 (could just be my OCD). I like the improvement and the max improve, I think people are missing the fact that you would be missing out on all but one feat for most classes so they'd be stuck with low scores even though the max would be higher, I think the synergy of will of the gods and legendary hero is too good with the DCs like damn. Champion of the gods seems really eh unless you're a barbarian but then seems fairly good. I like the roleplay potential.

    1. If it's by 2, then this is literally just a regular Ability Score Increase, but better.

    2. Well, with immortal paragon, the feat he is in reference to, in order to obtain it you would have had to chose 4 other chained feats, so at that point it wouldn't make much difference.

  4. In champion of the gods shouldn't the fighting style be until a short rest? Else you can pick up a style, rest while the casters prepare and not have spent anything.

    1. That's a good note; it should have been until you take a short or long rest.

  5. Will of the gods requires legendary hero?

    1. Sorry; that needs to be Heroic Mantle. I'll change it momentarily. I'm reworking a few things right now

  6. Excuse me, I'm having trouble finding the Near Human category. Is it something from here, or is it in one of the official books?

  7. Can you add mythic dice to healing? Such as cure wounds?