December 31, 2018

2018 Mage Hand Press Annual

I've been promising this for years, but I only just got around to it:

2018 Annual

Here's the Mage Hand Press Annual, a yearly collection of all the PDFs we've published for free on the blog this year in one big download.

Download the 2018 Mage Hand Press Annual

I won't be updating this as we change older files, so be sure to check if there's a more recent version on the blog before starting a campaign with one of the files here. This also doesn't include all the other content we've written this year -- in fact, it hardly scratches the surface. To see everything else, subscribe on Patreon, read all those lingering articles that didn't get PDFs, and check out Dark Matter.

The Good Old Days

Starting this tradition in 2018 seems a bit limited, doesn't it? After all, this blog has been publishing free content since 2015, and it hardly seems comprehensive without those previous years. Never fear! To get this tradition started off right, I've also bundled the previous years below.

Download the 2017 MHP Annual

Download the 2016 MHP Annual

Download the 2015 MHP Annual

Have a happy new year, folks!