December 10, 2018

RedBubble! Merch!

At long last, you can get your very own Mage Hand Press merch at the click of a button. Other nerds will look upon you with envy and confusion, in awe at your superior sense of style and knowledge of niche D&D publishers.

Get t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, phone cases, laptop sleeves, wall prints, and more! Mage Hand Press merch makes for a perfect gift (especially the type of selfish gift you buy for yourself around the holiday season!)

Get stuff HERE!

Also for the next 24 hours ONLY, RedBubble is offering 25% off on everything. Be sure to take advantage of this now!


  1. Ok... we need those Dark Matters prints as full graphic Tee's... That'd be hella dope!!

    1. Oh god yes. I have a mighty need.

    2. So the Amoeboid and Vect Guys are adorable. Would like those shirts, tho there are more options if you look closely, product also for the Tri-Blend Colored option, tho only one color. Also in pullover and hoodie. They weren't immediately obvious...
      Hoodie option is very cool.

      I really like the Laptop Prints, may get one, just gotta grab a ruler and see how big my laptop is...

      I wanna get canvas prints of both covers, those will be hella cool!

      Your standard GOlden Book COver could be intersting for a golden colored shirt or hoodie too, ect, ect.

      Looks great, gunna create an account and follow yall, maybe buy a thing!

    3. I definitely bought a mug for myself, and I'm going to have a hard time not getting a Dark Matter notebook soon.

      We tried out the Dark Matter prints on tees and they didn't look great, since they're basically a rectangle of art on an otherwise empty shirt.