January 22, 2019

Bowgunner Redux

Field of Study
Comments from the Finger: For various reasons (all of which end the phrase "and then Capcom sues us") we couldn't include our Monster Hunter subclass, the Bowgunner in the Complete Alchemist Redux, but so many people loved it, that we felt like we hand to resurrect it! 
     Special thanks to our fantastic artist Lucas Ferreira (CM) for the art on this one!

This subclass uses our Alchemist Redux class!


Explosive chemicals can be used for more than just bombs. By directing an explosion through a small tube, one can propel an object from said tube at high velocities. Some alchemists use this principle to their advantage, using their supplies to create handheld projectile launchers in lieu of bombs. Armed with such a weapon, an alchemist becomes a deadly and effective sharpshooter.

Explosive Missile
Starting when you choose this Field of Study at 2nd level, you gain the Explosive Missile discovery, which does not count against your total number of discoveries known. You also gain proficiency in the hand crossbow and heavy crossbow.

Formula: Paint Bomb
At 2nd level, you can make nonlethal bombs which spray a bright pink paint. By replacing your bomb's explosive reagent with special paint pellets, you can change it into a paint bomb. A paint bomb deals no damage, but instead coats each creature within the blast radius in a neon-pink paint. You have advantage on ability checks made to spot or track creatures that are covered in this paint. Paint can be removed by dousing a creature with a gallon of water.

Bowgun Formula
By 6th level, you've engineered a system into your bowgun that mixes bomb formulae as they speed to their destination. You can apply any bomb formula to bombs you deliver with the Explosive Missile discovery.

Magnifying Scope
At 10th level, you've fitted your arsenal of crossbows with finely-tuned scopes. As a result, attacks made with your crossbows at long range do not have disadvantage, and you can ignore half and three-quarters cover on attacks made with your crossbows.

Clust S Lvl 3
When you reach 18th level, you developed a special cluster bolt, a projectile that fragments and scatters tiny bombs that detonate in a large area. As an action, you can expend up to 5 reagent dice to fire a cluster bolt at a point that you can see within 100 feet of you. Each creature within a 20-foot radius must make a Dexterity saving throw against your bomb save DC. A target takes 2d10 fire damage for each die expended on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. As a bonus action when you use this ability, you can apply any bomb formula you know to it, changing its damage dice, damage type, and effects accordingly.

New Discovery
This new discovery is available to bowgunners.

Prerequisite: 13th level, Bowgunner Field of Study
When you finish a long rest, you can expend a number of reagent dice to create flechette projectiles for your crossbow. For each reagent die you expend, you gain your choice of four finned flechettes or four piercing flechettes. When you fire a piercing flechette, you gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls, and when you fire a finned flechette, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls. Unused flechettes fall apart after 24 hours.


  1. Nice. Thank you for remaking this.

  2. The alchemis was definitely kind of broken before the rework, but now it doesn't feel strong enough.

    1. That's very much what the Reagent Dice are intended to address. Base damage is pretty good, but nothing to write home about, then you can use reagent dice to push out impressive explosions.

  3. By the gods! YES!!! I can finally rp my monster hunter! All I need to do now is get myself into a campaign that will let me use wholesale homebrew.

    1. Tell the DM that The Finger sent you. Then wink. They'll what what it means and let you play the class.

    2. Umm, im imagining a number of situations in which this will NOT work out... Proceed at your own discretion.

  4. Your level 6 feature references a bowgun, see granted to you by your level 2 feature, but the level 2 feature does not mention a bowgun. The mechanics still make sense, but the wording is just a tad confusing around that.

  5. Vital question: The Explosive Missile discovery requires a bonus action, but so does loading a crossbow, and Explosive Missile only specifies that the bomb is being loaded onto the bolt. Would the bonus action cover both attaching the bomb and loading the crossbow, or do these require separate bonus actions?

    1. Easy answer, actually: Loading a crossbow doesn't take a bonus action.

  6. Well thanks to y'all, I've been inspired to finish up the College of the Hunting Horn I've been working on. Nice job!