April 1, 2019


I know you've all been waiting for it: today's the day we unveil our new RPG system and campaign setting! Welcome to the Dadlands, a post-apocalyptic RPG where everyone is dads. We think this is the type of gritty roleplaying game everyone's been waiting for, so as of today, we're done with D&D 5e; we'll only be making content for this new system from here on out.

In fact, we think so highly of this new system, we're providing the core role book, a whole 1000 pages, absolutely for free, for anyone to play!

This project is totally original, not stolen from anyone, especially not the not the McElroy brothers. Don't go listen to everything they've ever produced.


  1. This has to be some of your best work yet! You should just not do anything else but put content out for this totally new and fresh tabletop RPG. Wizards of the Coast should just quit because they'll never top this.

  2. truly a mastercraft of RPG prowess to rival the titans of Wizards of the Coast. en epic product that everyone should experience.

  3. Definitely running this with my group next week. Character sheet when?