May 4, 2019

The Big Plan | Into the Wilds

In this series, we'll be expanding on the work begun in our supplement of fairies and fariy tales, Fey Folio, by extending the world building, exploring additional mechanics, and fleshing out the Fey's fantastical world. Join us as we embark Into the Wilds.

This week, it's a quick (and behind schedule) general roadmap for how we'll handle this series. I feel like I should apologize for relative lack of content for this article, (being more preamble than article proper), but writing this has really given us time to organize our thoughts and get us on schedule.

Phase 1: Essential Worldbuilding

The first thing we have to get out of the way are the important changes we're making to Feykind and the Feywild in general. To really make the book captivating, we're want to reexamine and rethink all the assumptions we've made around the fey so far, looking for places to make them more mysterious, more brutal, and more magical. These articles are going to include exploring new fey courts, outlining changes to weird arcana, and writing new variant rules. Once these are set in stone, we can continue with character options.

Phase 2: Character Options Interlude

This is our bread and butter. New subclasses, both for our own classes and for the core classes. We might even throw in some feats! If we're also going to do a base class (which might be in the cards) we'll start figuring that out here.

Phase 3: Worldbuilding 2: Electric Boogaloo

At this point, we can really crack our knuckles and get down to the rest of the worldbuilding. In this stretch, we'll be looking at the Feywild in detail, naming cities, detailing the weird parts of the Deep Wilds, and maybe even making a map of the Feywild. It's also a chance for us to fix things which didn't work well in the first pass.

Phase 4: Even More Character Options

At this stage, we're bringing it home with more subclasses, as well as all of the equipment stuff: rebalanced tiny weapons and armor, new magic items, and new artifacts. This is also where we'll be doing new spells and more epic boons.

Phase 5: Monsters

This is going to be a titanic phase, with new monsters, beasts, generic and named NPCs, and familiars. Monsters genuinely take a long time to write and require a lot of art, so we'll probably be doing some weeks just delving into world-mythology for fey creatures just to establish the lore, then spending the following week cranking out statistics. One of our goals with monsters is to make the Feywild feel as if it borrows from global folklore traditions, so expect to learn of some monsters you haven’t seen before.


  1. Oh wow, this looks awesome! Definitely a worthwhile project. Can't wait to see the stats of the Summer Queen, Queen of Air and Darkness, Oberon, etc.

    If you're looking to make non-WotC Lords and Ladies, I have previously made one specific lord (with fluff, history, children, etc.) which I'd love to contribute.

    1. The idea for the archfey is that we'll ONLY do original, non-WotC characters (and trying not to duplicate work done by other publishers, too). Mostly we'll be sticking to the ones named in Fey Folio, in fact, though I'd be happy to include reader submissions!

  2. Hmm... I am VERY eager to get to the Phase 2 and Phase 4. As of right now the Fey Folio lacks subclasses for the Gunslinger, the Gadgeteer, the Investigator, the Warden, and the Channeler. I have quite a few ideas on these and cannot wait to hear what y'all come up with.

    Question: I did/do NOT participate in the Binder Rebinding articles. How does this work, do we comment and simply offer suggestions in the comment section? I don't want to bombard a section with unwanted questions or suggestions.

    1. Ah, character options. Have patience Charles, worldbuilding must come first (and also third).

      I think for suggestions that can be fully explained in a few words, throw them into the comment sections. If it's something a bit more complicated, like if you want an NPC you've made to be featured, an e-mail or other private message would be better.

    2. Lol, just thematic ideas for subclasses. Gunslinger will be difficult for instance, and i have an idea how a Fey themed gunslinger may work.

    3. I'd be interested to hear it! I've had a few thoughts on a fey gunslinger but nothing is really coming together right now.

    4. well, we'll wait for the articles... But two words: Cold Iron