May 2, 2019

The Elder Oblex

Otherworldly Patron
Comments from the Palm: Remember, always be yourself. Unless you can also be 10 other people at the same time.

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The Elder Oblex

Oblexes are, by any objective measure, terrifying: having the ability to both devour and then perfectly impersonate creatures they devour, oblexes are driven to consume as many different personalities as possible. Normally, when an elder oblex (the largest of their kind) devours too many creatures, the resulting personality is granted to a new oblex offspring who then will use the personality to entrap more creatures, consume them, and grow ever larger. Occasionally though, a spellcaster of prodigious ego and will can maintain their consciousness and individuality when absorbed by an oblex that is brimming with other personalities, forcing the creature to jettison it. These Oblex Scions, as they are usually known, use the oblex’s latent psionic talents and physical traits to bolster their own powers.

Oblex Expanded Spell List
The Elder Oblex lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

Spell Level Spell
1stcolor spray, thunderwave
2ndcalm emotions, detect thoughts
3rdsending, stinking cloud
4thblack tentacles, polymorph
5thdominate person, modify memory

Oblex Spawn
Starting at 1st level, you take on a number of traits shared by oblexes. Through your body looks exactly as it did before you were consumed, this is only outward appearance; inside, you are all ooze. You gain the following benefits and weaknesses:
  • Whenever you take bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage from a nonmagical weapon and you are not reduced to 0 hit points, you can use your reaction to immediately regain 1d4 hit points, up to a maximum of the amount of damage taken.
  • You have an aversion to fire. Whenever you take fire damage, you have disadvantage on ability checks until the start of your next turn. As well, the DC on any concentration check made against an effect that dealt you fire damage is doubled.
  • You can squeeze through spaces as narrow as 1 inch wide by becoming mostly amorphous. Your equipment does not transform with you, unless it is magical and attuned to you.
  • You can slightly alter your outer appearance. While you cannot completely change what you look like, as a bonus action you can create the appearance of clothing, alter the length and color of your hair and nails, and subtly change your height and weight (by no more than 10% in either direction).
  • You smell slightly of sulfur.

Devour Memory
Starting at 6th level, you can devour the memories of a creature within your grasp. As a action, you can grasp a creature you see within 5 feet of you. If that creature has an Intelligence score of 6 or higher, it must succeed on a wisdom saving throw or take 1d10 psychic damage for every 2 warlock levels you possess. Oozes, constructs, plants, and undead are unaffected by this ability. Until the creature completes a short or long rest, it subtracts 1d4 from all attack rolls or ability checks it makes.
     Once you have drained the memories from a creature, you learn all languages it speaks and gain access to all of its proficiencies (other than saving throw proficiencies), and can alter your shape as a bonus action to exactly match the creature you drained if it was humanoid. You can return to your normal shape using a bonus action, and taking any amount of fire damage immediately reverts you to your normal form. You retain these benefits for 24 hours or until you complete a long rest, whichever is shorter.
     If you reduce a creature to 0 hp using this ability, you can spend 1 hour siphoning off all of the creature’s memories, allowing you to retain its languages, proficiencies, and shape permanently. You may only keep the memories of one creature drained in this fashion at a time; if you use this ability again, you do not gain access to the new creature’s memories unless you also discard your old ones.
     Once you use this ability, can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Elder Spawn
When you reach 10th level, you take on even more of the oblex’s terrifying traits. You gain the following benefits:
  • You no longer need to sleep or breathe. In order to gain the benefits of a long rest, you can instead spend all 8 hours doing light activity.
  • You can make attacks with pseudopods that extend from your body. You unarmed strikes deal 1d6 bludgeoning damage, gain a reach of 10 feet, and deal an additional 1d6 psychic damage on a hit. On any turn that you take the Attack action and make an unarmed strike, you can use your bonus action to make one additional unarmed strike.
  • You can deliver spells with a range of touch out to 10 feet.
  • You gain blindsight out to 15 feet.

Upon reaching 14th level, your memory devouring powers reach their peak. You can consume and maintain the memories of a number of creatures equal to half your warlock level.


  1. Hey all, sorry for the hilariously late post; it's been a hectic week while we've been finishing up things on Patreon.

    1. It's okay. Thank you for working so hard for us.

  2. ohh this gives me SO many ideas 3:D Thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. This is pretty cool, although you can fairly easily gain proficiency in literally every single skill and armor - something that'd normally require extreme multiclassing and feats.

    Frankly, I think the fact that you gain the memories and languages of the creature alone is already powerful enough - you can EASILY take over the world with this kind of power, just by becoming powerful figures and knowing all they would.

    Also, how does the skill proficiency feature work with creatures that have their proficiency bonus doubled for skills? For PCs, there's the Expertise feature doing this, but for monsters (such as the Archmage), some of them just have doubled proficiency in a skill without a trait of any sort influencing it.

    1. yeah, but you gotta be able to kill them WITH the ability and in DND generally A$$kicking equals authority. A lowlevel nobody wont serve you too well, and by the time you can do this to the higher level people, it almost wont matter except in campaign wrap up stuff. Not really anyway.

      But thats just my hot take, to each their own.

    2. Asskicking is one thing, but what stops you from just assassinating somebody influential and taking their place? Warlocks already make good infiltrators and this one is the pinnacle of it. There's absolutely no need to use this ability in open combat. And that's just before we get to Consume, which absolutely is "Proficiency in Everything: The Subclass Feature".

    3. Ya, you can be proficient, but your stats are not going to reflect true talent and skill in those skills. Not to mention that someone may be able to suss you out by the smell of sulfer or when you suddenly don't act and behave right. You have their memories and shape, it says nothing about their behaviors, their ticks, the mannerisms in which they speak.

      As a DM I would rule that basic things would get an easy pass. Take 20 bud. Same with people who don't know the person you've absorbed. But if you are trying to fool a close confidant or someone who may have extensive knowledge of Oblex, then you have to make a Performance check, possibly at disadvantage.

      Not to mention that a person, as I say, may have knowledge of what you are and expose you. I'd give it an arcane check 20+ to figure it out, but their not complete unknowns in the world.

      All that said and aside, it would make for some interesting RP and gameplay, and I'd love to hear how characters get around some of these flaws in an otherwise perfect disguise.

    4. Performance with Disadvantage may not be quite as proper for the Oblex; one better is giving Advantage on Insight for the character discerning whether the Oblex is fake.

      Reason being is unless the Oblex is just unable to mentally process the notion of including those quirks (not sure if Int/Wis based, though if Int [Oblex as a monster has high Int] then it would do so) though would likely include them when capable to maintain a more believable disguise.

      The thing with making Insight have Advantage would be a more subconscious reaction for feeling there being something off with the pattern of when those quirks do appear. Aside from a very Observant character, others may just overlook those inconsistencies, passing things off as imagining it. So when when someone who does know that person more extensively comes to feel there is something amiss, they will be more sctrutenous over inconsistencies; hence the reasoning I lay forth.

    5. Oof, thus is concerning a Warlock Patron(?), I though this was concerning the creature as a playable race. My bad.

    6. ...okay, forget it. Whatever.

      (really wish there was an edit fuction for this instead of just posting for Gmailers.

  4. Does Devour Memory require an action to grapple? Or is that subsumed in the Intelligence saving throw? Does this ability not work on creatures with an Intelligence of less than 6?

    1. It does not require an action to grapple, you merely touch the creature and they make a saving throw.

  5. Oooh! I remembering the first time I heard of these guys and gals from a DnDBeyond video, and Immediately thought they'd make a good patron.

    1. Ok, reading this is very interesting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 1st and 6th level abilities and it gives a way for the warlock to be a decent unarmed fighter without overshadowing the Monk by being a relatively late game ability.

      I will say that the Level six ability does not explicitly state what happens if the victim is of an intelligence under 6, though I assume it simply has no saving throw.

      I am also quite interested how the Pact Boons will interact with this class. I feel like the Chain Boon would be quite useful here, and good ascetic, the same with the Tome. The blade actually doesn't seem like it would synergize with the rest well, do to the level 10 ability making unarmed melee quite attractive.

      All in all a Grade A Patron, would play!

    2. Regarding INT under 6: I assume it doesn't affect them, since the ability absorbs memories, proficiencies, and languages... things associated with intelligent beings. This implies that the damage is due to the absorbing of the creature's sentience.

      If this is the case, the sentence that talks about immunity should read something like: "Oozes, constructs, plants, and undead are unaffected by this ability, as well as the aforementioned creatures with an Intelligence under six."

      But it could easily go either way.

    3. Good point, didnt think about it from the other way.

  6. AWESOME! A definitely unexpected and really cool class. Maybe should have a requirement of being taken at 1st level?

    RAW, Devour Memory applies the 1d4 debuff without a save, which seems really powerful. Is that intentional?

    1. Yes, that's intentional. It's a 1/short ability which can only target a single creature, so infelt that the debuff (while strong) was not OP in most cases.

  7. This is a cool idea, but it seems more like a sorcerer archetype. To me, a warlock is continuously drawing power from their patron. Here, the character has been mutated/rebirthed/whatever into an Oblex/mortal hybrid and learns to better unlock their potential as they level up. That screams sorcerer to me.

    Unless the PC still has the slime tentacle and is attached to the parent Oblex. In that case, yeah, its a warlock. But dang, that's gonna cause some RP complications. Probably better as an NPC in that case, honestly.

    I see where you're saying that they somehow keep a psychic connection to the parent that they're using as a siphon, but that doesn't jive up with the Oblex as I remember it. (I don't have the book with me, just going off of memory.)

    So yeah, it either needs the slime tether, or it needs to be a sorcerer.

    But don't get me wrong. I love the idea, and the mechanics are quite flavorful. I'm going to try it out.

  8. Since they released the Oblex i was waiting for this class (Or race) to appear! Thank you MFOV Guys! i kind of love you now cause my DM cant say no to you people! ;)

    P.S. If you make a Magical Girl Subclass that would be great as well! rs

    1. Hi, thanks for the response! For all your magical girl/super sentai needs, check out the Magical Talisman patron in our Warlock section!

  9. Though* your body looks the same. Through is what you have on there

    1. Also it should be Your unarmed strikes. Not you unarmed strikes.