August 21, 2019

Rift Rats!

Just a quick announcement that Hero Club is running a new series, Rift Rats, using our very own Dark Matter book! This podcast is always excellent, so I'm wiggling-in-my-seat excited. If you want to steal any ideas from their podcast to use in your home game (as I often do), you can use the coupon code RIFTRATS on the Mage Hand Press store to get 15% off Dark Matter!


  1. O.O

    Nice. Love those guys and actually saw the first episode but wasn't sure if it was Dark Matters or not!

  2. Dammit!! just bought dark matter 2 days ago :( Absoloutley love it though, am going to run a DeadSpace one shot tonight

    1. Sorry for the timing! I'm glad you like the book, though. A Dead Space campaign might just call for some vortirrackt or some wrothian stats, but I'm sure the internet has some statistics tailor-made for them already as well. Have fun!