September 5, 2019


Sorcerous Origin
Comments from the Finger: This has been on my todo list for a super, super long time, and with the help from Grand Moff, I finally got it done!


All adventurers are warned of a beholder’s eye rays, but few are warned of their dreams. A beholder’s intellect is so alien and so keen it warps reality, shaping the world to appease its alien madness. But when a beholder dreams, this intellect wanders, spontaneously creating horrific things from the beholder’s imagination. On occasion, this summons into being other beholders, or similar shades of beholderkin. However, in one peculiar dream, a beholder made you.
     Though you might look humanoid in most respects, you hold in yourself the alien power and unending animosity of a beholder. You might have always known of your impossible parentage, but if you were unaware, it was revealed with the awakening of your eye magic, the sinister rays and the floating, disembodied eyes which follow you.

Eye Magic
You are infused with the magic of your beholder brethren, granting you access to their magic. You gain the following spells at the listed sorcerer level. These spells do not count against the number of sorcerer spells you know.

Beholderkin Bonus Spells
Sorcerer Level Spells
1stray of sickness
3rdray of enfeeblement
7tharcane eye

Extra Eyes
At 1st level, as an action, you can manifest a myriad of floating magical eyes around yourself until you dismiss them as a bonus action. While these eyes are present and you are conscious, you cannot be surprised and you can add your Charisma modifier instead of your Wisdom modifier to your Wisdom (Perception) checks and your passive Perception score.

Limited Antimagic
At 6th level, you can direct the spell-breaking power innate to beholders at nearby magical effects. You can spend 3 sorcery points to cast the spell counterspell or dispel magic.

At 14th level, you have mastered the levitation capabilities of your progenitors, granting you a flying speed of 30 feet.

Eye Tyrant
At 18th level, your mystic eyes become more powerful, gaining unique capabilities. You can spend 10 sorcery points to manifest these eyes for 10 minutes. While these eyes are active, you can use an action to roll on the table below and cast the listed spell. You cannot use your Metamagic feature on spells cast this way.

Eye Tyrant Spells
d10 Spells
2charm person
5flesh to stone
6hold person
7ray of enfeeblement


  1. Coooool! Just as awesome as the patron.

    1st lvl feature is a bit weak, but 6th lvl easily compensates for that.

    Eye Tyrant should specify you cast the spells without expending slots. Also, I think Charm/Hold Monster are better fits than person (a beholder can target any creature, and at 18th lvl it's really not OP).

  2. I would change it to add both charisma and wisdom modifiers, instead of one replacing the other.

  3. You might need to replace cleric level with sorcerer level.