November 4, 2019

Other Unconventional Mimics

Comments from the Finger: Thanks to Lethods and GallicanCourier on the MHP Discord for coming up with most of these!

We just released our Mimic Book of Mimics, which contains all that is known of mimickind to the realm of science. Its pages detail 14 varieties of the common mimic, from the gigantic bluff, to the diminutive mock. However, the book's esteemed author, Guyle Notasham, detailed many more mimics in his personal writings. Such specimens were not given the same care as those detailed in the Mimic Book, but nonetheless deserve further research and attention from the magical community at large.

Unconventional Mimics

Many of these mimics are hypothetical -- they might not exist at all -- but a few are recorded in the pages of the Mimic Book of Mimics, so their veracity can be confirmed.

Bluff. A mimic of colossal size, often replicating entire hillsides and ambushing caravans. [Included in the Mimic Book]

Fabrication. A family of mimics which exclusively duplicates clothing, flags, and tapestries.

Fake Out. A bioluminescent mimic which dwells in dark places and makes itself look to be an exit to an area of sunlight.

Honeypot. Preying almost exclusively on insects, this mimic produces a sweet aroma which entices creatures to come close.

Hoodwink. This mimic exclusively replicates hooded cloaks to bite off its victim's head.

Manic. Thought to be impossible, this mimic replicates humanoids, albeit poorly. [Included in the Mimic Book]

Mock. A very tiny mimic, capable of duplicating a coin or a single gem. [Included in the Mimic Book]

Pitt Trap. A mimic which exclusively pretends to be the human actor Brad Pitt.

Replacer Beast. A mimic which assumes the shame of an ordinary prey animal to ambush their predators.

Roast. A mimic impersonating a suitable campsite, including a campfire setup. Once its prey is sleeping, it exudes fire from the campfire area to burn its prey to a tasty crisp.

Runaround. With its uncanny understanding of language, this mimic replicates road signs to misdirect, confuse, and eventually exhaust its intelligent prey.

Ship Shape. Gargantuan, floating, and typically disguised as a naval vessel, this mimic lops acidic projectiles from its cannonlike orifices.

Spam. A mimic of the modern day, which eats your files shortly before it eats you.

Tall Tale. A mimic which can inflate itself as a hollow tube to trick very large creatures. This mimic is often found in the lairs of giants.

Tricker Treat. A mimic known to leave a trail of candy to lure in victims

White Lie. Native to the tundra, this mimic replicates formations of snow and ice.