March 2, 2020

Magic Items 2 | Into the Wilds

Magic Items
Notes from the Nails: Even more magic items!

Fey Magic Items
The following magical items are closely associated with fey creatures, being either used by the creatures themselves, or gifts commonly given to friendly humanoids. Please note that some of the spells and weapon types used here - as well as the Weird Arcana table - can be found in Fey Folio.

Phase Arrows
Weapon (arrows), uncommon
These ethereal arrows pass through all matter except the intended target. You ignore all cover, including full cover, when making an attack with one of these arrows. Once it hits a target, a phase arrow is no longer magical.

Potion of Nymph Wisdom
Potion, uncommon
When you drink this potion, your Wisdom score changes to 21 for 1 hour. The potion has no effect on you if your Wisdom is equal to or greater than that score.

Potion of Outrageous Lies
Potion, uncommon
For 10 minutes after you drink this potion, any magic that would detect whether or not you are telling the truth indicates that you are being truthful, no matter what you say.

Potion of Psychedelic Colours
Potion, uncommon
At first, when you drink this potion, nothing happens. However, 1 hour after you imbibe it, you gain the ability to see into the Feywild to a depth of 120 feet. Your vision of the Feywild is merged and overlaid with your real surroundings, such that you can see both at once. It is not possible to tell whether something you see exists in the Feywild or is part of your real surroundings, unless you are familiar with your real surroundings and know what to expect from them (or unless you really are in the Feywild, in which case you only see one set of surroundings to begin with). This effect lasts for a further 8 hours.
     As long as you are under the influence of this potion, you have disadvantage on saving throws against being charmed or frightened, and advantage on any ability check made to create any sort of artwork.

Potion of Sirine Charisma
Potion, uncommon
When you drink this potion, your Charisma score changes to 21 for 1 hour. The potion has no effect on you if your Charisma is equal to or greater than that score.

Potion of Sithe Intelligence
Potion, uncommon
When you drink this potion, your Intelligence score changes to 21 for 1 hour. The potion has no effect on you if your Intelligence is equal to or greater than that score.

Potion of Wild Magic
Potion, uncommon
When you drink this rainbow-colored potion, roll once on the Weird Arcana table and apply the effects immediately.

Sapphire of Safety
Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a humanoid or fey creature)
You can crush this sapphire as an action to quickly shift between the Feywild and the Material Plane. If you are a humanoid, crushing the sapphire while in the Feywild transports you to the Material Plane, and if you are a fey creature, crushing the sapphire while in the Material Plane transports you to the Feywild. In any other location, crushing the sapphire has no effect.


Weapon (whip scythe), very rare
Whenever you hit a creature with this magical whip scythe, it takes an additional 2d12 poison damage and must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 1 minute. The target can attempt the saving throw again at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on a success.
     Additionally, you can use a bonus action to retract or extend the snaketongue. When retracted, its scythe sections connect together to form a longsword; in this form it loses the reach trait, but deals 1d8 slashing damage and gains the versatile (1d10) trait.

Snowglobe of Fey Summoning
Wondrous item, rare
This snowglobe contains trapped fey spirits. When you use an action to smash the globe, one or more fey creatures is summoned as if you had cast conjure fey. The type of creature is determined by the GM or randomly by rolling on the table below:
01-303x Rusalka
31-552x Cold Rider
56-802x Sylph
81-001x Yuki-Onna
Star Bow
Weapon (gossamer longbow), uncommon
This magical bow sparkles with mercurial light. You have a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made against shapechangers with this weapon.

Syrup of Sweetness
Potion, common
As an action, you can mix this syrup with one item of food or drink, one potion, or one ingested poison. When you do so, you can choose any flavor, causing the target to taste of that flavor for the next 24 hours.


  1. Why would the sapphire require attunement? Really weird for a 1-time use item.

    The 2d12 extra damage on Snaketongue seems absurdly high, even for a very rare item. The highest damage bonus any very rare item gets is the Oathbow with 3d6 (and limitations). Frost Brand gets 1d6.

    1. You say "limitations," I say "free sharpshooter feat and advantage on the attack." Plus 2d12 is only half a point away from 3d6. And poison is the most commonly resisted damage type. I'd much rather have an Oathbow than a Snaketongue.

      As for the attunement... that just felt right to me? Like, the sapphire has to *know* who it's transporting. And it enables you to have someone else trigger the sapphire for you, for example if you're incapacitated.

    2. 3d6 is 10.5; 2d12 is 13, closer to 4d6.

      The adv. and benefits Oathbow gives is more than compensated by the fact it works against only 1 enemy per day. While Snaketongue deals more damage, with no 1/day limit, and requires a save vs. poison on every hit (which makes it very likely you'll keep enemies poisonlocked).

      However, I guess it is weaker than any legendary weapon... But even if it were just 2d8 it'd still be ahead of any rare one.

      As for the sapphire- I guess I see why attunement feels right. It'll really only ever be useful as a plot device, rather than something a player randomly gets or buys, so you might as well make sure it serves the plot the right way.

    3. Oh right, yeah. I had 2d10 in my head for some reason. I still don't think a bit of damage is that big of a deal though. It's bonuses to hit that bring the real power, and Snaketongue doesn't give you any of that.