April 21, 2020

Adventure for Charity! | Dragon Flu Pandemic

Hey all, we hope you're doing well.

In our long free hours at home, we have pieced together and published a short adventure called Dragon Flu Pandemic. All proceeds from this module will be donated to Feeding America, a charity that supports food banks and non-profits around the U.S. They are providing hope to some of the most vulnerable people who have been affected by COVID-19. As a TTRPG community, we want to do our part to help the most vulnerable among us.

In this adventure, you engage in some good old-fashioned catharsis by saving the kingdom from a disease that is sweeping across the countryside. The heroes will have to find a dragon, obtain a vial of its tears, and return them safely to the clerics in charge of making the cure. This module is written for a party of four or five 7th-level characters and takes 3-5 hours on average to run.

Pick up Dragon Flu Pandemic today, and do some good for the world!

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