May 13, 2020

Count Van DerHorne

This is the easiest season of Hero Club I've ever had the pleasure of recommending. Not only has Hank Blackstone: Paid Back in Spades been a hilarious and spooky gumshoe mystery, it's also had some legendary talent feature in its episodes. To wit, the incredible voice actor Nolan North features in the first episode, and the hilarious Haley Joel Osment plays in the fourth.

And holy cow, is Haley Joel Osment fantastic. His character, Count Van DerHorne, has an amazing turn as Hank's long-time rival, a magician with an even larger load of magic items and a penchant from stealing from everybody he meets. If you listen to this episode and want to throw the great Count Van DerHorne in your own campaign, feel free to use the following statistics:

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