June 17, 2020


Sorcerous Origin
Notes from the Nails: I was surprised we haven't already done something like this. It seems kind of... obvious.

Nymph Bloodline

It is the nature of nymphs to be beautiful and alluring, so much so that creatures of just about any race are wont to become obsessed with them. While this rarely ends well for the nymph’s admirer, it does mean that small amounts of fey blood are regularly injected into the humanoid population. Sometimes, this manifests itself in the form of a sorcerer with power over the hearts of others: a nymphomancer.

Nymph Heritage
The fey magic in your blood gives you an instinctive command over a certain type of magic. You learn the following spells at the listed sorcerer level. These spells do not count against the number of sorcerer spells you know.

Nymph Bloodline Bonus Spells
Sorcerer LevelSpells
1stcharm person
5thphantasmal beauty*
7thdire charm*
9thdominate person
*See From the Arcane Archive or Fey Folio.

Dangerous Charm
Your spells and abilities ignore immunity to the charmed condition and, when a creature recovers from being charmed by you, it has no memory of what happened during the time it was charmed.

Starting at 6th level, whenever another creature is charmed by you at the start of your turn, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier. These temporary hit points last until you begin a turn without having any creatures charmed.

Nature's Bond
At 14th level, you begin to develop a supernatural connection to the land, which lets you move more easily through natural environments. You can cast the spells fly, passwall, tree stride, and water breathing once each using this feature without expending a spell slot, regaining the ability to do so when you finish a long rest.

When you reach 18th level, your magic can overwhelm anyone you use it against. When you attempt to charm a creature, you can use this feature to make it automatically fail its saving throw. Abilities such as Legendary Resistance cannot reverse this failure.
     Once you have used this ability, you must finish a long rest before you can use it again.


  1. Ooh, this is interesting. I like it.

  2. That charm immunity bypass has me drooling with delight. Would the target still be aware that you tried to charm it with magic if it succeeds on the saving throw?

    1. On that, I'd say go with whatever your DM would normally do if someone succeeded on a save against something. I think I would usually have it that the target is aware that someone tried to charm (or whatever else) them.

      I'm imagining that the memory loss only kicks in when the condition ends, so it doesn't happen if the condition never started in the first place.

  3. The fluff is cool, but I'm concerned about the balance here...

    Many, many creatures immune to charm have extremely low mental scores, and are immune because they aren't sentient at all and it would make no sense for them to be charmed- golems, oozes... That's a much bigger issue than liches and demons which are likely to make the save anyway.

    At the very least, I think creatures normally immune should have advantage on the save.

    And at 18th lvl, you could 100% Dominate literally any creature. If that's not dangerously and absurdly overpowered, I don't know what possibly could be.

    1. I'm not sure I share your concerns here...

      Being able to charm golems, oozes etc. is the whole point - that's what makes it fun. And really, so many things are immune to charm that you can't build a usable subclass around it *without* that feature.

      The auto-fail thing doesn't strike me as being that powerful. The way I see it, it's like Portent, except you get it 16 levels later, with half as many uses per day, and you can only use it in one, very specific situation. And like, you still need to expend an 8th level spell slot for dominate monster... would you even pick a spell like that if you couldn't guarantee it would land?

      Really, I don't think it's any more powerful (for the cost) than the Heightened Spell metamagic, and I feel that giving away a free metamagic pick as a capstone wouldn't be overpowered.

    2. I get that removing immunity is kind of a must for a charm-based sorcerer- there are probably more immunities to charm than to any other condition (except maybe poisoned).
      But that's because charmed is one of the most powerful conditions to put on an enemy, and can circumvent entire fights. A feature that would require the DM to plan around to make the adventure balanced is almost the very definition of overpowered.

      Portent doesn't bypass LR, and depends on your random rolls being low enough.

      About Dominate, obviously you're expected to take it even if not sure it'll land- that's how spells work (even though Dominate is underwhelming for its level).

      And auto fail is very, very obviously more powerful than Heighten- a creature with magic resistance, +16 on the save, and/or LR would still fail here, and would laugh at Heighten. And Irresistible doesn't even have a cost.

      In short, as a DM, I wouldn't feel comfortable handing this class to a PC as it is- it ignores boundaries which are pretty essential balancing factors, and would constantly require keeping it in check by the DM's choice of enemies.

    3. One important note is that the dominated creature (Looking at you, Tarrasque)would roll a new Wisdom saving throw with advantage each time someone in the party damaged it. THAT would not be changed by the feature. I see it as a guarantee to neutralize a boss monster for an hour in a cunning party, but maybe less than one round in a careless one.

      That being said, I would definitely avoid planning Party vs 1 encounters or have an enemy NPC have the capstone on a boss monster (Looking at Tarrasque again) attack the party.

    4. I'm not even entirely sure about that one: the usual wording for that would be referring to overriding the _initial_ saving throw which is not the case here. As is, it refers to every save. I think that'd be an important clarification to add. (And even then, just the fact that it overrides LR makes it hilarously powerful.)

    5. I definitely meant this to only apply to initial saves. I didn't think I needed to specify that? It seems like a huge stretch to assume the opposite.

    6. I'd definitely recommend to add that one word to the feature then; better safe then sorry. Even then it's really powerful, especially if you hijack a creture with legendary and/or lair actions, so fair dos.

    7. Imagine dominating Tiamat for 1 hour and making her tell all her clerics to kill themselves...

      Srsly, this is kinda ridiculous.

    8. That's absolutely something you can do in the one turn it guarantees by intention, isn't it?

    9. Dominate gives another save only when the target takes damage.

      If there's nobody around who'll hurt Tiamat, you've got your 1 hour.

    10. Does Tiamat's avatar have a hotline to all of her clerics? Would they not be able to tell something was wrong? I'd expect DMs to be able to deal with that sort of thing. Besides, you can dominate creatures without this ability, you'd just have to burn through a couple of LRs first

    11. Not true.
      1) Dominate monster is lvl 8, you can only cast it twice, and these creatures have 3 LR.
      2) Even after burning through LR, Tiamat has advantage and +17 on the save, and most high-cr creatures also have very high saves.

      Tbh, I think the mere discussion around the option of DOMINATING A GODDESS kinda proves the point.

  4. This is not what I expected when I saw that name but I am glad.

    1. Relieved I'm not the only one whose mind went there. Also have history of the world part 1 stuck in head and gonna roll up nymphomancer sorc based on Madeline Khan's Empress Nympho

    2. No no no no yes!

      Thanx, Derrick. Now it won't get out of my head all day.

  5. I agree that Irresistible is way too powerful as others have said. I would maybe change the ability to give disadvantage on *all* roles, both initial and ongoing, from any spell or effect that involves charming a creature. Ignoring Legendary Resistance allows to just stop the BBEG in their tracks, and Legendary Resistance is there to stop those things for a good reason.

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