July 1, 2020

Dark Matter is Back!

It’s finally happening! On July 29th, we’re Kickstarting the Dark Matter Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to start playing, right out of the box. It features a brand new adventure, "Conspiracy in the Stars!", penned by an all-star team of writers (our good friends Donathin Frye, Charlie Smith, Simon Goudreault, and Makenzie De Armas). The box also comes with a GM Screen, monster tokens, a fold-out battle map, standalone rules, and more!

Download the Free Demo! 

We’ll also be using this Kickstarter to fund a second, larger print run of Dark Matter, as well as two longer and more elaborate adventures set in our science fiction universe. The Starter Kit is entirely finished and ready to go into production; we just need your help funding the print run.

Visit the Kickstarter Page! 

Go out there and tell people about this awesome upcoming Kickstarter, and remember to use #DnDinSpace or #IWishIWasInSpace whenever you do!

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