July 29, 2020

Kickstarter is Live!

The Dark Matter Starter Set Kickstarter is live!

We’re thrilled to have some new, kick-ass products for you, along with big plans about where we’re taking this setting in the near future.

Starter Kit

The big centerpoint of this Kickstarter is the Dark Matter Starter Kit, a box similar to the D&D Essentials Kit that gives you everything you need to start playing right away. It contains a full adventure, Conspiracy in the Stars!, pregenerated characters, a GM Screen, Basic Dark Matter rules, dice, battle maps, and more! With this box, you can dip your toes into the sprawling universe of Dark Matter, even if you’ve never played DnD before. Makes a great gift for newbies and RPG veterans alike!

Conspiracy in the Stars!

Let’s talk about that adventure. Conspiracy in the Stars! is a gripping neo-noir mystery set in Port Nomad, a seedy asteroid station on the edge of gnomish space. You’ll find yourself unraveling an underworld web of lies and assassinations, as the very future of the ‘verse hangs in the balance. For 3rd to 5th level characters, this provides a perfect introduction to Dark Matter for new players, and a welcome sojourn for existing groups. It was penned by an all-star cast of writers, including Donathin Frye, Charlie Smith, Simon Goudreault, and Makenzie De Armas.

Even More Dark Matter

This Kickstarter is also allowing us to do a second print run of Dark Matter, as well as get some awesome merch out there into the world. Ever wanted a Dark Matter GM screen? What about custom Dark Matter dice from Level Up Dice? Or a handmade Dark Matter dice vault from Wyrmwood? Find all that and more on the new Dark Matter Kickstarter!


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