August 8, 2020

Encyclopedia Multiplanaria

If you haven't backed the Dark Matter Starter Set Kickstarter, you should do so today! 

Even if you haven't backed, you can still get social stretch goals by telling your friends about the campaign using the #DarkMatter5e hashtag. Every single social stretch goal adds a bit to the Encyclopedia Multiplanaria, a collection of monsters, NPCs, and planet descriptions for use in your Dark Matter games. Check in regularly for new content, and don't forget to use the #DarkMatter5e hashtag!


  1. Kinda surprised the Nuclear Chicken doesn't deal radiant damage with its Death Burst

    1. I was on the fence about radiant vs. force. I swung this way since a nuclear blast should be harder to shrug off, and a few things in Dark Matter help you avoid radiant damage.

    2. could also do a bit of both, with one being the blast and the other being the radiation