August 18, 2020

Wrothian Vampire

Comments from the Finger: Consider this very much a double-post, since this beastie is included in the Encyclopedia Multiplanaria, but I thought it was worth a second post here. 

Wrothian Vampire

Wrothian exiles usually die within a decade of leaving their colony, for without the psionic nourishment of their stygian ships, their bodies simply deteriorate. However, a few wrothians have circumvented this grim fate by embracing an even darker alternative: vampirism. A wrothian vampire can extract psionic energy from a living creature, and subsist on that alone. They are undead predators of the night, given to cold-blooded hunting and bloodthirsty attacks. Like other vampires, wrothians shun sunlight and can be dispatched with a stake to the heart, but can’t transform into a bat or disappear into a cloud of mist. Instead, they wield a unique suite of terrible psionic powers, derived from their unique biology and the warped curse of vampirism that afflicts them.

Art contributed by: Matt Pegoraro (@mattpegoraro)


  1. I remember suggesting this on the MFoV Discord, and I'm glad to see it making its way into official Dark Matter content. Nothing hits quite like a frightening alien creature with dark powers beyond what even most of its own kind would use.

  2. Eu queria deixar a sugestão de uma nova subclasse para a classe Warlock. Que seria o pacto do Kaiju, no qual o personagem tem um pacto com uma criatura gigantesca e milenar, talvez tão antigas quanto os Aboleth, que concedem parte de seus poderes biológicos ao Warlock para que o mesmo o auxilie em sua missão de proteger seus domínios e o mundo de grandes ameaças, ou para combater rivais e propagar o caos e a destruição.

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