November 7, 2020


Ranger Archetype
Comments from the Pinky: Hands in the air, this is a surprise post! We've been hard at work revamping some old subclasses, and even writing some new ones like this robbin' hooded ranger. Keep an eye out for more subclasses soon!


For bandits, bank robbers, and green-clad folk heroes, there’s no better way to make money than robbing nobles at knifepoint, especially in caravans. None are more prosperous at roadside robbery, perhaps, than highwaymen, who leverage their stealth and numbers to steal anything they wish, before escaping into the trees with their bounty. A team of bandits work in smooth coordination, watching each other's backs in a choreographed theater of shouting, looting, and cutting down anyone who runs.

Nobody Move!
Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you’ve taken to working with a team of accomplices to rob lucrative, well-defended targets, like caravans, banks, and groups of unsuspecting nobles. When a creature you can see provokes an opportunity attack from a friendly creature, you can use your reaction to make an opportunity attack against it using a ranged or melee weapon. This attack occurs before the provoking creature moves and before the friendly creature can make an opportunity attack.

Merry Confederates
At 3rd level, when you and two or more friendly creatures hide in preparation for an ambush, you and any friendly creatures hiding with you have advantage on your Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Vantage Point
By 7th level, you can quickly scale walls to gain a perch above your foes. Climbing no longer costs you extra movement. In addition, by climbing at half speed, you can climb up difficult surfaces (such as vertical walls) without making an ability check.

No Seriously, Don’t Move!
Beginning at 11th level, your jumpy, shoot-them-in-the-back philosophy has started to show dividends. You can make two attacks with a ranged or melee weapon, instead of one, when you make an opportunity attack.

Get Out of Dodge
By 15th level, you’ll escape the long arm of the law or die trying. When you take the Disengage action on your turn, you gain two of the following benefits as a part of that action:
  • You gain the benefits of the Dash action.
  • You can take the Use an Object action.
  • You can make one weapon attack against a creature you can see.
  • You can attempt to shove a creature.
  • You take half damage from falling and your jump distance doubles until the start of your next turn.


  1. One of the better Ranger's I've seen. I like it!

  2. Elusive, evasive, persistent. Righteous traits for a rogue.

  3. 逃げるんだよ~~
    I like the interaction opportunities that the 15th level ability opens up. All in all this feels like a very strong archetype-type subclass, open enough to mould into varied characters but detailed enough for coherent abilities and also ranger... which I enjoy the idea of but never in practice, I might give this a go sometime

    1. I'm very pleased with the 15th level feature -- glad it didn't go unappreciated!

      Rangers are so often overlooked, both by ourselves as designers, and by players, that we wanted to do a few rangers that are unquestionably decent. Expect to see more in the future!

  4. Technically if you don’t have a horse you’re not a highwayman, you’re a footpad.

    1. All footpads are highwaymen but not all highwaymen are footpads.

    2. "A highwayman was a robber who stole from travellers. This type of thief usually travelled and robbed by horse as compared to a footpad who travelled and robbed on foot; mounted highwaymen were widely considered to be socially superior to footpads."

      "In archaic terminology, a footpad is a robber or thief specialising in pedestrian victims. The term was used widely from the 16th century until the 19th century,[1] but gradually fell out of common use. A footpad was considered a low criminal, as opposed to the mounted highwayman who in certain cases might gain fame as well as notoriety."

      From Wikipedia.
      Well, you learn something every day, I guess. I knew these terms from Battle for Wesnoth- where highwaymen aren't mounted.

    3. If one really wants to be nitpicky, the Oxford Dictionary definition of footpad is "a highwayman operating on foot rather than riding a horse."

      Footpad would really be a little bit better name for this subclass, by the way, I agree on that. I can't imagine your horse will climb walls with you! Or if they do, they are a very good horse.

    4. On the other hand, rule of cool. "Highwayman" is cooler than "Footpad" (IMO, feel free to disagree), and is much more recognizable.

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