April 7, 2021

Oath of Storms Redux

Sacred Oath
Comments from the Pinky: Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening me!

Oath of Storms

The Oath of Storms calls paladins to the salty brine and choppy seas, the altar of the raging storm. Paladins who swear this oath embrace the sea’s dispassionate neutrality, and uphold few core tenets. With rare exceptions, these paladins are directionless crusaders, guided by the winds and tide, and might maintain distant lighthouses, hunt down vicious pirates, or seek undiscovered lands, as the gales dictate. Storm knights, as they are often called, have a long memory for vengeance, however, and deep penchants for superstition. Always listen to the wisdom of a storm knight, lest the winds turn foul and the ocean tempestuous.

Tenets of the Storm
Storm knights swear their oaths on sailing superstitions and unspoken laws of the sea, often containing the following principles:
    Safe Harbor. Protect sailors and wise captains that respect the laws of the ocean. No gale should break their masts while you are aboard.
    Howling Gales. The winds should steer your journey, wherever they might take you. Furthermore, it is proper that the winds should often guide you into storms.
    Thunderous Castigation. The fury of the storm demands equal reprisal for all slights, major and minor. Doing otherwise is bad luck.

Oath Spells
You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed.

Oath of Storms Spells
Paladin LevelSpells
3rdfog cloud, thunderwave
5thgust of wind, hold person
9thcall lightning, wind wall
13thcontrol water, ice storm
17thcommune with nature, hold monster

Channel Divinity
When you take this oath at 3rd level, you gain the following two Channel Divinity options.
    Thunderous Revenge. You can use your Channel Divinity to strike back with the fury of a storm. Immediately after a creature you can see within 30 feet of you deals damage to you with an attack, you can use your reaction to force the attacker to make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, the attacker takes lightning damage equal to the damage it just dealt. On a successful save, it takes half as much damage.
    Walk on Waves. As a bonus action, you can use your Channel Divinity to befriend the sea, allowing you to walk on the water. For the next hour, you gain the benefits of the water walk spell, and your movement speed doubles while you are walking on water. 

Vortex Aura
Starting at 7th level, you can use your bonus action to summon a strong wind to whirl around you in a 10-foot radius until you dismiss it on your turn (no action required). While your vortex is active, its area counts as difficult terrain for creatures other than you. The wind extinguishes unprotected flames, such as candles and torches, and disperses gases and vapors within its area.
    At 18th level, the radius of this aura extends to 30 feet and you can choose creatures within the aura to be unaffected by it.

Storm Soul
Starting at 15th level, you have resistance to lightning damage. Additionally, when a creature within 5 feet of you attacks you while you are not incapacitated, it takes lightning damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

Thunder God
At 20th level, as an action, you can mantle the powers of a tempest deity. For 1 minute, your body crackles with thunder and lightning, and your eyes glow blue, revealing a raging storm within. You gain the following benefits:
  • You are immune to lightning and thunder damage.
  • You gain a flying speed of 60 feet.
  • You can cast the spell call lightning as a bonus action on your turn as a 5th level spell without using a spell slot or spell components, and can use your bonus action to call down lightning using the spell on subsequent turns.
Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you complete a long rest.

Changelog: 4/12/21: Thunderous Revenge: Requires a Dex save


  1. Does Vortex Aura have a duration or can you just always be a swirly wind dude?

    1. It lasts until you dismiss it, so if you wanted, you could in fact always be a swirly wind dude

  2. It seems weird that thunderous revenge uses Wisdom save. Why that?

    1. This absolutely should have been Dex, and we've fixed that now. Good catch -- I'm not sure why we put that in there as Wis.

  3. This one strikes me as "meh" overall. Knuckle's was cooler and I think I'll continue using that one.

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