June 10, 2021

Force Missile Mage Redux

Arcane Tradition
Comments from the Finger: One of the all-time favorite wizards is back! The core mechanics didn't change too much, but things have been condensed and refined quite a bit.

School of Magic Missile

Magic missile is a staple wizard spell, well-loved for its versatility and unerring accuracy. As a missile magician, however, your fondness for the spell borders on obsession. Your studies focus entirely on this spell, exploring every rune in the spell’s composition and analyzing every aspect of its casting, resulting in new augmentations and greater power than ever before.

Force Missile
Beginning when you select this tradition at 2nd level, you learn the spell magic missile, if you do not know it already. Whenever you cast this spell, it is improved in the following ways:
  • You fire 1 additional dart, as if the spell was cast using a higher level spell slot. The additional number of missiles increases by 1 at 6th level (2 additional missiles), 10th level (3 additional missiles), and 14th level (4 additional missiles).
  • Your missiles bypass any effect, such as the shield spell, that specifically blocks or reflects the magic missile spell.
  • You can cast this spell at its lowest level without using a spell slot. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. Beginning at 14th, you can use this ability an unlimited number of times.
Shield of Missiles
Starting at 6th level, you can cast magic missile in a tight orbit around you, creating a deadly aegis from your foes, which lasts for up to 10 minutes. You gain a bonus to your Armor Class equal to the number of missiles orbiting you, which begins as the number of missiles fired, up to a maximum bonus of +6. When a hostile creature ends its turn within 5 feet of you, a single missile strikes it, dealing damage as normal and decreasing the number of missiles orbiting you. Additionally, when you cast magic missile, you can add missiles orbiting you to the spell, decreasing the missiles orbiting you.
Once you use this ability, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

By 10th level, you’ve learned how to use magic missile to overcome your most powerful fellow wizards. When you see a creature within 60 feet of you casting a spell, you can use your reaction to cast magic missile, with all missiles targeting that creature. The creature must make a single Constitution saving throw as a result of the total damage dealt to maintain concentration while casting the spell, even if the spell wouldn’t normally require concentration. The spell fails and has no effect if the creature loses concentration.

Inescapable Missile
Beginning at 14th level, your missiles seek out targets that would otherwise somehow escape them. This grants you the following benefits:
  • The range of the spell increases to 500 feet.
  • You can target creatures you can’t see within range, as long as you can hear the creatures and there is a path within range from you to the target.
  • You can’t be counterspelled when you cast magic missile.
  • Your missiles penetrate constructs of magical force, such as wall of force, tiny hut, and resilient sphere.

Changelog: 6/18/21: Counter-Missile: One saving throw for concentration


  1. Definitely a favorite.

    Shield of Missiles says "decreasing" instead of "increasing" when adding missile. Also, you can have more than 6, right? it's just that the maximum AC bonus is +6?

    What's the DC for counter-missile? 10 or 1/2 the damage?

    Inescapable missile is ok, but not exactly exciting for a capstone. What was wrong with the 1 time max damage? It's at most 65 for a 9th lvl slot with +4 missiles, so the balance isn't much of an issue.

    1. 1. Probably a copypasta error

      2. The DC for a concentration check is always 10 or 1/2 damage, whichever is higher

      3. Yeah, both are cool. I feel like the point of this class is to always be able to cast a low level spell effectively, so having the capstone be a permanent buff makes more sense than it being single use. As to which is better... matter of opinion

    2. Actually, I just reread the paragraph. They might mean a constitution save based on your spell-save DC. That should probably be clarified

    3. Re: Shield of Missiles:
      By the wording, it means when you cast Magic Missile with the Shield currently active, you can add from the Shield missiles to the spell cast, thereby decreasing the number of missiles orbiting around you.

      Hope that helps!

    4. Ah, I see. I had it backwards.

  2. I've got an arm cannon-equipped warforged wizard on deck with this subclass written all over him.

  3. So with Counter Missile, would the dc for the Con Saving throw be the damage magic missile dealt? Cuz if so, at 1st level according to the Force Missile ability, at level 10 you would be doing 6d4+6, totaling an average of a 21 dc. This seems like a broken ability if that is how it works, since you can do this an ammount of times equalling your intelligence modifier and infinitely at 14th level, which then would equal 7d4+7, an average of 24-25 dc. This is a level 0-1 counterspell that has a better chance of working on higher level spells then the 3rd level counterpart, not even mentioning that constitution isn't exactly a spellcasters best stat the majority of the time.